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  • Added on: Mar 30 2009 01:28 PM
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This is a basic .cfg with explinations inside it

Posted by N!XoN on Mar 30 2009 01:28 PM
This cfg will allow you to tweak most general aspects of your game for higher fps or better looks. and has explinations of what the settings do.

You place the file inside your ET/ETmain dir
And you should only have to /exec autoexec.cfg from the console when u load a mod.
If you are ever unhappy with the settings or results from the .cfg
go to the console the type /cvar_restart
this will default all of your cvars.
you can also rename the .cfg useing notepad so its not one that runs automaticly. just save as. change file type to all. and "name.cfg" use "" to change the file type

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