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  • Added on: Apr 08 2009 08:19 AM
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Sniping 408 - Advanced techniques

Posted by unlawfulsniper on Apr 08 2009 08:19 AM
Hey guys I'm a pretty decent sniper so I thought I'd share some key 'secrets', well maybe not secrets but good tips on what makes a good ET sniper.

Part I - Concealment:

We all know this is key to survival in the bush, but did we all know that sometimes it is better to stand in front of a tree than behind it? Take 'Battery' map as an example. Consider those rocky outcrops in the ocean where people like to snipe from. Most players like to stand behind them and expose as little as possible to prying enemy eyes (usually axis can only see a small head poking out from their rmountaintop vantagepoint. However, because of the oceans mid blue color and the lighting on the map, your head, although a small target, casts a perfect silouette against the background, making it easy for countersnipers or mortar teams to 'pop' you. Counterintuitively, it is actually a far better concealed position to crouch in front of the 'rocks' since their color is rougly a fleshy orange and allies, as seen for afar, also appear roughly this same fleshy orange color. Sure, once seen, you make a large target if you sit in front of the rock, but if you only take headshots and you scan the mountaintop horizon and axis pillbox for prying eyes, the enemies will never see you sniping. One shot 1 kill. Well most of the time unless they have full health, then 2 shots 1 kill.

Part II Scoping and aiming....... coming soon....