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  • Added on: Aug 06 2014 06:13 PM
  • Date Updated: Aug 06 2014 06:37 PM
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How to win maps in Jaymod like a boss [Video and text tutorial]

In this series of tutorials I'll show you some routes, tips and strategies to beat maps in jaymod like a boss.

Posted by AcidParadox on Aug 06 2014 06:13 PM
Before we start


You can download a clean jaymod here :

*Open Jaymod by going to the MODS button on the main menu.

*Once the mod loads open console and type "/devmap [mapname]" (for example: devmap fueldump)

*Once the map loads join any team and open up the console once again and type "/g_misc 1"

*I also recommend using commands such as "/give skill" and "/nofatigue"



The tony hawk jump: This is the first jump route that I created.You can start doing a double jump like in the video but when going down the hill you are just gonna use only ONE jump, this way you will gain more speed faster and avoid falling damage. After passing the gate , use double jumps and get close to the slope to do the tony hawk.

The sliding hawk: You can use the trees as a visual cue , aim your jump to slide after you pass the second tree. Use double jump at the top of the gate wall , then do a double jump to land at the very edge of the building and as soon as you land jump ONCE to "slide" on the edge and land quickly.

Slenderman's jump: I hated slenderman so much when he was an allied engineer, I don't know if he invented it but it was the first guy I saw him doing it. Everything is double jump, but the trick here is to trigger the double jump at the right time. You have plenty of time to jump the second time while in air , the later you push the jump button, the longer and better your jump will be.

Anti Border Patrol 1: Use the slope as a speed booster and as soon as the slide effect ends, jump to wall jump the wall fast.

Anti border Patrol 2: You can use the ledge of that building to jump over the wall. Weird thing is that this doesn't work on any other ledges, just that one.

Tower hopper: Always use slope whenever you see one. I apply the same method that I used in the anti border 1 jump and use the slope as a speed booster. Then double jump my way to the roof, you can change your paths once you are on the roof. I rather jump on the barbwire because there's less chance of axis spotting since it's faster and you keep a better low profile.

The fearless assassin: This is the second jump route I created. This is for engineers that want to sneak into the other side of the map without using the tunnel gate route. This is pretty hard to execute though because not only the jump placing is hard but because you are completely exposed to fire while doing this and one single bullet can ruin this jump.

I only have two tips for this one, the execution of the first two slopes are the most important parts of this jump and keep on the slope side of the hill after jumping the frozen river and jump when you are between the two chopped trees.

OASIS[coming soon]