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  • Added on: Jul 07 2014 10:28 PM
  • Date Updated: Jul 15 2014 12:37 PM
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Lets Play as Engineer

Teach how do the job as engineer

Posted by Night Hunter on Jul 07 2014 10:28 PM
ok lets get started boys and girls

the presence of an engineer is impresendible on all maps and that the goal of most particular team needs someone to either build or destroy a cp tank truck or boat barrier or guns,guns controls,gates and walls with dynamite put tripmines and landmines ....
This can be very useful either in defense and attack can put landmines or mines traps to catch the enemy without account

tripmines: (press 2 times keyboard 7)

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

in all this cases the tripmines are to protect impredensible someplaces as documents cabinets command post etc
you can put tripmines behind dorrs so when the enemy troops open they will be surprise!

landmines: (press keyboard 7)

Posted Image

possible target defends put landmines as close to the target noo let the enemy come and take it

Posted Image

if one of the goals you have is disarm an enemy vehicle to reach its destination can use landmines in its path and around it so when an enemy approaches you take to repair it a surprise!
Posted Image

sure to plant landmines all over the map and if you have the opportunity hide them behind a bush or a wall or even on the steps of the stairs and on the map supergoldrush final or in fueldump by example

Rifle Grenade:
Posted Image

if the lower bar to the right or totally white parcialmetne this means we have the firepower available to the grenade launcher which pressing mouse button 2

Posted Image

if the lower right bar is red means that we do not have the strength required to trigger the grenade launcher, so here we would have to wait for it to be white again

dynamite: (press keyboard 6)

barriers command post guns railguns vehicles walls gates etc

if the map has secondary targets to be destroyed or repair depends on the one side that the dynamite will help us achieve the sought
Posted Image

if you find anything that has the symbol of dynamite means it can be destroyed by it, for example a truck barrier ....

Posted Image

something extra

also you can plant dynamite all over the map who knows can kill some enemies when it explodes .... good luck!

constructible places:

when you encounter this type of "boxes" means that you are in a place where you can build either a barrier of tanks boats or trucks repair gates controls water pumps etc ...
for example here tank barrier axis:

Posted Image

There are three types of places constructible

-containing means the red flag is a constructible place axis

-blue flag means it is a constructible instead of allies

gray-flag means it is a neutral place constructible can be built on both sides

the engineer introduction of abilities

Engineer Special Abilities:
Engineers can defuse Dynamite, Satchel Charges and Land Mines. To defuse, equip the Engineer's Tool (5) and position yourself over the item until the gray Defuse icon appears, then use the tool to defuse it. Engineers must remain with their crosshairs aimed directly at the object to defuse it.

Engineers can repair damaged vehicles and Machine Guns. To repair, simply equip the Engineer's Tool (7) and use by pressing and holding fire until the blue bar fills.

The Engineer can build Command Posts or other constructible objectives in the mission by moving to them so that the gray wrench and hammer of the "Build" icon appear. The item is constructed in the same way an explosive is armed. Use the tool until the blue progress bar is full and construction is complete. While construction is in progress, a translucent image of the complete image will appear.

thanks for read and for you time....im open to suggestions