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  • Added on: Sep 17 2013 12:14 PM
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mouse optimization!!!


basic optimization
1.disable mouse acceleration
2.Windows adjust mouse settings
3.driver-specific adjustment
4.USB or PS / 2?
5.DPI in relation to the in-game Sensitivity
6. find appropriate sensitivity
8.In-game console commands
9.mouse driver install?

Advanced optimization
1.mouse query times and overclock USB port
2.Mouse firmware update
3.PS / 2 increase performance
4.mouse delay
5.findThe PERFECT Sensitivity

Posted by GoldenWings on Sep 17 2013 12:14 PM
basic optimization

disable mouse acceleration

It has only advantages disable mouse acceleration . With activated Maubeschleunigung
Aiming is in the basement (if one is not tuned Accustomed , but it is easier to get accustomed to playing without mouse acceleration).

The easiest way to turn off mouse acceleration is to uninstall all firstonce mouse driver. Then turn off the mouse acceleration under Control Panel - > Mouse Pointer Options tab in .
Now almost all the acceleration is turned off , Windows only gives us no option in the Control Panel to disable mouse acceleration completely . There are MouseFix the CPL ( originally intended for Counter-Strike ) . This writes the mouse to some area of ​​the registry values ​​so as to turn the mouse acceleration completely.

download :
CPL MouseFix : http://www.sk-gaming...4-CPL_Mouse_Fix
You can also remove it again , but please, only after extensive testing .

2.Windows adjust mouse settings

The Windows mouse speed settings should not be touched , to set it up , the mouse skips pixels. If one it is lower , you have to set the in-game high sensitivity , and the aiming is inaccurate.
So put under Control Panel - > Mouse Pointer Options tab in the slider to 6 of Figure 11.

driver-specific adjustment

In front, if you have no mouse driver installed , you can proceed directly to step 4.

If you do not want to uninstall your driver , please turn in the driver settings from the mouse acceleration .
With Logitech Setpoint , please make the mouse speed to the default (ie like Windows in the middle of the slider) , as Logitech Setpoint automatically turns the mouse acceleration when the slider was also moved by just one point to the right. Even if the mouse acceleration is set to " Off".

4.USB or PS / 2?

Some mice come with a USB to PS / 2 adapter ( or vice versa) included.
So now the question remains: USB or PS / 2?
There is no wrong answer .
The standard frame rate for a USB port is 125Hz ( 8ms ) .
PS / 2 are : 100Hz (10ms )

So if you want to overclock anything , USB brings a 25 % faster refresh rate.

Pros and Cons of USB and PS / 2:
● USB is faster without overclocking , and can be overclocked to 250hz ( 4 ms ), 500 (2ms ) or even 1000hz ( 1ms )
● Turns off when the PC is shut down
● If the USB mouse is designed to most functionality and buttons will work without extra drivers
● Newer mice like the G5 or Krait work from home on 500hz (2ms ) or 1000hz ( 1ms )
To overclock ● The USB port is a little more difficult than the 2 port
● Requires a USB port , this could be a problem on a PC with a few USB ports

PS / 2
● You'll save a USB port ( for PCs with a few USB ports )
● A PS/2-Slot is somewhat easier to overclock
● The mouse can not last operation will be inserted into the 2 port ( it is not recognized )
● Without overclock is quite slow repetition rate ( 100Hz (10ms ) )
● Without drivers the extra keys usually do not work
● Some optical mice do not turn their laser off (even when the PC is shut dangers , this consumes power )

5.DPI in relation to the in-game Sensitivity

If your mouse has no adjustable DPI, you can skip this step .
Without drivers you have adjustable DPI values ​​such as: 400 , 800, or 1600's.
The key here is to always use the highest dpi.

Maybe you have not until now the highest DPI you used because it was too fast or for whatever reason , at least you should do it.

With this you can ausrechen your new in-game sensitvity :

( ( Current dpi ) x ( In-game sensitivity )) / ( maximum available dpi ) = ( New Sensitivity in-game )

The Wind In-game sensitvity remains exactly as before.
The next calculation is how far you move your mouse or you can want ( Mauspadgröße ) .

[ (X pixel of the in-game resolution ) x 2.667 ] / ( width of the mouse pad ( or how far do you want to move you) * 2.54 ) = ( Necessary DPI)

X of 1680 * 1050 pixels would be 1050.

Minimum DPI so that their use should be the " Necessary DPI" , to the maximum possible.

6.A find appropriate sensitivity

Never choose a sensitivity just because someone else uses it .
It is different from person to person , you should thoroughly test around .
Even in 2 to 3 decimal places area it makes sense to play around a bit .

In point 6 of the extended optimization I mention a method to find a good sensitivity .


To be 100% sure that the in-game mouse acceleration is turned off , there is some startup commands :
- noforcemspd - noforcemparms - noforcemaccel

Force - noforcemspd = no MouseSpeed ​​= The mouse speed of Windows do not accept.
Force - noforcemparms = no parameter Mouse accept = No extra mouse parameters .
- noforcemaccel = Force = no Mouseacceleration take no mouse acceleration in Windows.

How they should be easy to find via Google uses .

8.In -game console commands

These commands can be entered in the console:

Addendum: These values ​​do not have to take over , they are only guidelines , and also just goes to show what commands are there to "improve" the mouse .

sensitivity " x "
Set the in-game sensitivity to x ( also accessible via Options-> Multiplayer)

m_filter "0"
Reduced Mauslagg and spongy mouse movements . Should always be 0.

m_pitch " 0022 "
This command defines the Maussensitivity on the x- axis ( horizontal ) .
In-game you need on the vertical axis ( y) is only 90 ° ( up and down) .
But you need horizontal 180 ° left and right , so you could theoretically , set this value higher to compensate for this 90/180 ratio . ( m_pitch " 0011 " | my_yaw " 0022 " as an example )
You can , but you should not .

m_yaw " 0022 "
This command defines the Maussensitivity on the y -axis ( vertical ) .

m_customaccel "0"
Controls the mouse acceleration (turn off) .

zoom_sensitivity_ratio "1"
Determines the sensitivity of a zoom are ( sniper) .
1 is half the speed of normal SENSITIVTY .
2 twice , with more than 2 is rather pointless .
A value between 1 and 2 perfectly fine.

9.Maustreiber install ?

The pros and cons of installing mouse drivers .


● You have a really cool interface where you can adjust all the settings clearly .
● A pretty little icon appears by the manufacturer of the mouse in your system tray : P
● You can bind with functions Extratasen .
● You can assign your own DPIs , but how could you read in Section 5, this is not very useful .
● Some mice can not reach their maximum dpi without drivers.
● By Razer drivers the lights can be turned off, and new profiles are made.
● You can install other drivers as provided for the mouse. For example Intelli drivers for a Razer mouse.


● You will tell you later want the driver not installed .
● Can consume a lot of RAM , or at startup slow down the PC.
● It can be difficult to make Programm-/
specific settings.
● Installed drivers can cause hidden mouse 
● The driver fell mouse speed reduces the DPI using the mouse
● Adds possibly unintended functions to add extra keys , eg a Porgramm of a button from the game throws
● You can just bind the keys through the in-game console
● If you connect your mouse to another computer , you have to play without driver.

Advanced optimization

Mouse query time

The mouse polling time determines how many milliseconds in Windows gets the mouse input and Checks .
There are around to get a bill milliseconds .
1000 / (Hz ) = ( ms)

Newer mice reach a higher mouse query time , the G3 as 500Hz and 1000Hz even the Microsoft Habu .

With this program you can easily change the mouse query time :
Select (Hz → Filter → Switch Restart ( The Button , not the PC)

And with this one Check :
If the mouse is not very constant query time , try a Slower .

 2.Mausfirmware update

Sometimes updating the firmware mouse has advantages , such as better Maufperformance etc.
If you want to do this you can find more information here :
Logitech Support: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/
Razer Support: http://www.razersupport.com/

3.PS / 2 increase performance

If your mouse is only on PS / 2, or you do not zutraust you to overclock your USB port , there is still a possibility. In contrast to the USB port overclock , overclocking the PS/2-ports is actually quite simple.
1.with the mouse ( plugged into the 2 port ) (Do not know exactly how that is English → Windows) Click Start → (right- click) My Computer → Properties or setting.
2.In the new window click on the Hardware tab , then Device Manager.
3.Im Device Manager search for "Mice and other pointing devices " . Then click on the [+ ] in front and you should see your mouse.
4.A Right click on the PS / 2 mouse and then click Properties / Settings
5.Then click Advanced Settings.
6.Setze now the mouse polling rate to 200 query / second .
7.Setze the input buffer length ( Englishes :/ Windows ) to 200 for Mid / High Sensitivity or 300 for low sensitivity .
8.Klicke OK and restart the computer.
9.Schaue with the mouse rate checker to ( named above) if anything has changed , if so you bsit ready.
It is for older Windows versions with this program : http://www.majorgeek...uster_d298.html

4.Mouse Sensetivty switchen ( In-game tie )

For those who have an old mouse in which you can not change the DPI , you can remedy this with a few binds .

Either you bind yourselves a toggle command, or 2 singles .
An example of this would be :
mtoggle aka " High"
alias High " sensitivity 3; toggle alias Low"
alias Low " sensitivity 1; alis toggle high "
bind <KEY> " mtoggle "

This cutting can be extended , but with more than 3 toggles it will Confusing ;).
Another possibility is the direct binding of the keys:
bind <KEY> "sensitivity 3"
bind <Key2> "sensitivity 1"

The 3rd and for Sniper is a very good possibility Press / release bind:
also known as + sens "sensitivity 3"
alias- sen's "sensitivity 1"
<KEY> bind "+ sens"

reduce 5.
Mouse lag

If you mouse delays example Should feel Mauslagg , may be due to the following :

m_filter 1 is set ( should be m_filter 0)
an old wireless mouse .
V- Sync is switched on.
An LCD monitor
Adware or spyware burden the CPU
Very low FPS
Low Monitorwiederholrate (Hz )
An adapter from USB to PS / 2
Unnecessary programs running in the background .

 5.fins the PERFECT Sensitivity

Okay, maybe not the perfect added , but this method will help you to find a good sensitivity .
In addition I have made ​​a video to make it easier to explain.
You just shoot with the sniper on the wooden beams in the fast lane , going further and further back and reprove it to the left and right , up to the control point , maybe a little further .
Now go to the bar and check out how much you've made . If less than 90 % of the bullet holes on the beam be trying a different sensitivity .