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  • Added on: Jan 10 2013 12:46 PM
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Color Change Script

This script will allow you to toggle between different color arrangements of your name. You will need 2 keys available for binding as well as the color codes you would like to use.

Posted by b0rR*4cHo on Jan 10 2013 12:46 PM
(1): to scroll through your names
(2): to actually set the chosen name as your name

How does it work?:
You scroll through your names with (1), which are echoed in your screen. When you found the name you want to use, you set it with (2).

Executing the File:
Place the file it in the etmain directory. Then execute it from your autoexec.cfg.
Once you start ET and join a server, open the console and type /exec name
Again: scroll through the names using (1) until you find the color combination you like and set it using (2).


Open a new text document using a text editor tool.
Type the following and save it as name.cfg
Replace the RED text with your name and color codes. For example: ^p=F|A=^zBORR*^dAC^pHO.
You can add as many as you like but each color combination must be done twice. Once with the 'set Name1" group and another with the "set echoName1" group.
So basically copy and past the following and fill it in correctly.
Note: At the bottom where it says "NAMEHERE" only type your name without the color coding. For example: =F|A=BORR*ACHO

bind (1) vstr Nick
bind (2) vstr setNick
set Name1 "set name NAME1_HERE"
set Name2 "set name NAME2_HERE"
set Name3 "set name NAME3_HERE"
set Name4 "set name NAME4_HERE"
set Name5 "set name NAME5_HERE"
set Name6 "set name NAME6_HERE"
set echoName1 "echo ^0> ^7Nick^0: NAME1_HERE"
set echoName2 "echo ^0> ^7Nick^0: NAME2_HERE"
set echoName3 "echo ^0> ^7Nick^0: NAME3_HERE"
set echoName4 "echo ^0> ^7Nick^0: NAME4_HERE"
set echoName5 "echo ^0> ^7Nick^0: NAME5_HERE"
set echoName6 "echo ^0> ^7Nick^0: NAME6_HERE"
set N1 "vstr echoName1; set Nick vstr N2; set setNick vstr Name1"
set N2 "vstr echoName2; set Nick vstr N3; set setNick vstr Name2"
set N3 "vstr echoName3; set Nick vstr N4; set setNick vstr Name3"
set N4 "vstr echoName4; set Nick vstr N5; set setNick vstr Name4"
set N5 "vstr echoName5; set Nick vstr N6; set setNick vstr Name5"
set N6 "vstr echoName6; set Nick vstr N1; set setNick vstr Name6"
set Nick "vstr N1"
set setNick "echo ^0>^7NAMEHERE!^0<"
echo ^0> ^7Yvo^0'^7s Name Selector script loaded^0!