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  • Added on: Jan 07 2013 02:50 AM
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Key Code in use error fix (pirated key removal)

This tutorial is showing how to delete a pirated key code in COD 4 multiplayer and replacing it with a pre game code or new purchased code.

Posted by Shinobi on Jan 07 2013 02:50 AM
IMPORTANT: This tutorial is for users that have a pirated multiplayer key code and want to switch to another key or STEAM pre-keycode purchase***

1: If you have installed the game, and the system has your pirated key as default, you will need to uninstall the game.

2: After uninstalling the game, run regedit by clicking start button and searching "regedit" in your search bar. (click it)

3:In regedit, go through each tab (FILE/VIEW/EDIT ETC..) until you find search registry and search "CoDkeycode"

4: After search, the system will show you a file that shows your current key code. If it isnt the key code you want, right click the file and delete it from your system,

5: Go back through your file system and re-install Call of Duty 4

6: Go into the multiplayer version and access the "multiplayer options menu"

7: Click 'Key Code' option and find a pre-entered new key (STEAM PURCHASED GAME ONLY) or type in the new key you want.

8: Join a server and see if your new key code works.

This tutorial is based off of my own troubles and I made steps I took which fixed my problem and is available for other players to see :)
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