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  • Added on: Nov 03 2012 08:05 AM
  • Date Updated: Nov 03 2012 10:32 AM
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[Cinema4D]How to make an image with a floodlit text

Here is how to make an image with a bright text

Posted by Scarface06 on Nov 03 2012 08:05 AM
Here is how to make an image with a bright text how this one:
=F|A=image2 by =F|A=Scarface

=F|A=image by =F|A=Scarface

Begin by creating a text then make an extrusion NURBS. Put the text in the extresion NURBS and replace the 20 cm to put 80 cm. Duplicate and this time this adjust in 40 cm. First one in Lid and bevel place the second text in the center of the first one and in lid, put both and adjust the beam ar 10 cm. Here is the text is to create and is in 3D. Create a first material black, double click on the material(subject) and in the regulation of the color, mark on reflection and adjust the intensity of the reflection in 20 %. Make the second material this time this of the wished, double click color on the material and go to luminescence; there you put back the same color as you have chooses, adjust the intensity of luminescence is 300 % and the texture, choose Fresnel. Well, you have more that texture on both texts has to place as you wish it. To finish, to register your images, for that click in the regulations of depiction, register and choose where you want to register it then launch depiction and register!!