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  • Added on: Jul 02 2012 05:35 PM
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How to dominate Multiplayer! -> For newbies and Pros

This mini-guide will help new player on with the game and give some tips for the pros

Posted by pedroyan on Jul 02 2012 05:35 PM

When I'm browsing on the forum's, I keep seeing people asking for tips/tricks and other stuff in order to get better at COD4 multiplayer. Thats why I'm writing this mini-guide with simple tricks and tips that I learned and helped me a lot.


1-Keep an eye to your map

Lots and lots of people dont follow this tip. This is why I never use silencer and still get lots of kills. Watching the map is important because:

1- You know where your enemies are:
they appear as red dots when your team uses UAV or when your enemies shoot without silencer

2-Know where you teammates died when their icon fade out

That way you know there's a enemy on that corner/corridor. If the place where my friend died is a corridor/corner, I run to that corner, jump(or crouch) & start shooting like hell. Most of times I put the bastard to sleep. If my friend died at the front line of the confront or in the sights of a camper, I let it go. When you try to do that JUMP/CROUCH trick in the middle of 12 people or in the sights of a camper (just waiting another victim), you would probraly get killed. Another method to see where your friends died is watching those skulls on screen on top of their corpses.

Posted Image

2-Hear the enemies footsteps:

This one requires certain hardwares like headphone. It doesn't need to be a cutting edge one, but a good one can handle the job. On good headphones, you can hear enemies footsteps and where they are coming from. This way you predict on which corner your enemy is or, if you are sniping, avoid beeing flanked. That's why I love pipeline. Inside tunnels you can hear each footstep your enemies make. To avoid beeing detected and win most of CQC battles, use dead silence or move while crouched. It works pretty well in the pipeline tunnels.

3-Know your enemies respawn:

If you are camping or sniping, this is the most important tip for you. It can also be used for assault classes. When you know the map and your enemies respawn you also know where the hell they are coming from to reach the battlefront. Keep your eye to those doors/corners/windows and NEVER sprint while passing through them. Here is some examples of those paths.

Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

4 -Explosions stuns and flashes.

When you are playing in CQC maps, those items are your best friends. With them you can check corners or even entire areas. But there are some Pros and Cons

Stun granade:

-You get hitmarker if there's someone on the AoE.
-Effect helps way more than flashbang on the kill.

-Reduced AoE compared to flashbang.
-More chances to dont get a hit. If you miss and there's a target on that area, they are totaly aware that you are coming.


- Bigger AoE

-You don't get hitmarker when you hit a target.

Note: Sometimes the spell goes against the wizard. If you miss the flash/stun, other people will be shure that you are coming.

Some areas that I usually score hits are:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Pedro, I'm dominating but people keep coming after me :(

USE THAT IN YOUR ADVANTAGE! -> Enraged player usually don't care about killing other people, only in killing you. They'll start rushing/storming/shooting your place out. Be prepared for that. In order to own them, keep changing spots and waiting for you victim. Don't worry, he won't stop coming until he gets his revenge. More enraged players means more victims! try to obtain them as soon as possible.

Note: NEVER GO FOR REVENGE: Or the victim is going to be you.

If you think my guide is good, like this Topic and post something on it, won't cost you nothing :)

This is my first guide ever. Hope you liked it :)