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  • Added on: Jun 19 2012 02:26 PM
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Multi Desktop on Windows

You have to many windows opened and don´t have overview about all ? You know Ubuntu and like the Multi Desktop Option ? take a look and get Multi Desktops for Windows

Posted by stabak on Jun 19 2012 02:26 PM
Not enough Space on your Desktop ?
Browser, Email, Office, Media player, Steam, xfire ................... and much more ?
you know this ?


Maybe you know the Multi Desktop option on Ubuntu, and did have asked yourself why windows did not have this option ?
You don't know ubuntu and you are wondering what i am talking about ?
Now i am talking about a program what allows you to integrate 4 virtual desktops on Windows. You ever wanted to keep the overview of your Desktop? You ever wanted to seperate work and games ?

Use Hotkeys or use the tray icon to switch through the Desktops.


Its not possible to move a window from one Desktop to another Desktop, also its not possible to close / delete a desktop you have to log off to close the Desktops. Tray applications will only show in the first (original) Desktop.
Its possible to run the program from start up or you can open it manual if you need it.

Maybe Desktops is a Solution for you.

Available for Windows XP / Vista / 7
Available for Windows Server 2003 and higher

How much you have to pay ? nothing its free.

Hold your Desktop clean get Desktops for Windows here : Link

Source: http://technet.micro...s/cc817881.aspx