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  • Added on: Jun 08 2012 06:49 AM
  • Date Updated: Jun 11 2012 02:15 PM
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COD4 Installing Custom Maps

How to install a custom map on your call of duty 4 (COD4) server.

Posted by MoAZeR on Jun 08 2012 06:49 AM
How to install a custom map on your call of duty 4 (COD4) server:

First you should get an FTP client to upload the maps and set the permissions correctly so that people will be able to download them with a decent speed (cl_wwwdownload 1).

In the FTP client you connect to (where ever you host) with your cpanel username and password, once in, you go to your gameservers folder (the one named ip-port), in there you have to create a folder named 'usermaps' and in this folder, you have to upload the custom mapfolders. You shouldn't upload the iwd and ff files directly into the usermaps folders, they have to be in a subfolder which is usually the same as the name of that specific map. In this folder you have to upload the iwd and ff files. Usually the zip containing the custom map already has a subfolder named as the mapname. Note that you should keep the original filenames, renaming the files gave me some problems before although I'm not sure if it was because of this. Anyway, once uploaded you will end up with e.g. /ip-portofyourserver/usermaps/mp_cluster/mp_cluster.iwd

If you uploaded the maps, you rightclick on the usermaps folder and select 'Chmod' or 'Change permissions', you have to chmod the complete usermaps folder (including subdirs and files) to 755, this is so that people are allowed to download them with cl_wwwdownload 1.