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  • Added on: Feb 25 2012 08:30 PM
  • Date Updated: Jul 27 2013 09:00 AM
  • Views: 1017

How to change bootAnimation on Android device

This tutorial will teach you how to change your bootscreen on your Android device, for this you need have root access.

Posted by Papito on Feb 25 2012 08:30 PM
There are 2 kind of resolutions on android screens
Change it depends on your needs:

480 800
240 320
Necessary to carry out this tutorial: Steps to follow:
  • Download the .zip
  • Move it to your SdCard.
  • Go to system/media
  • Rename your original BootAnimation.zip or add just .zipbak in the extension.
  • Copy your own bootanimation in system/media
  • Restart.
This should be the result:

HDPI - High DPI (dots per inch - a measure of screen pixel density)
MDPI - Medium DPI

If you downloaded any of them and your screen resolution is different just change the desc.txt from your bootanimation.zip f.e.

320 320 24
p 1 10 android
p 1 0 part1
p 0 0 part2

Should be like this:
(most of HDPI devices got this resolution)

480 800 24
p 1 10 android
p 1 0 part1
p 0 0 part2