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  • Added on: Nov 02 2011 09:06 PM
  • Date Updated: Apr 29 2012 10:01 PM
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Basic Guide to using Xfire

now with MORE pictures

Posted by GI-JOE on Nov 02 2011 09:06 PM
Xfire is not only a great social-networking tool, but also an important Admin tool. It not only helps to stay connected with your friends but can also be used to communicate with other Admins outside of the games’ main or team chat channels and is more private than using the PM command or Fire-team chat (talking about you ET players). Below is a tutorial to help you figure out some of the ins and outs of the Xfire Client.

(If at any point you get confused on what to do or what to look for go to the index at the bottom for links to an image of what you should be looking for)

WARNING: Xfire can cause some users game to lag so if it does this to you just wait to open Xfire until you need it and close it when you’re done if you’re concerned with a little lag.

How to create an Xfire account:

First thing's first, go to Xfire.com.
  • In the upper right corner you will see “log in: user name and password“, below that in tiny text is "New user? Join Xfire" Click that.
  • On the next page you will be prompted to download the Xfire client
  • To download the Xfire Client click the download Xfire link and install it (easy enough, open the install.exe and follow the directions given to you)
  • To create an account, click it right under download Xfire link. It will take you to a separate page where you will create username and password, fill in email and birth date (Try to be consistent with your age, makes you look stupid when you put different ages for Xfire and forum profiles). Then click submit and congrats on your new Xfire account. Now start adding people!
How to send/reject/accept friend requests on Xfire:

Sending friend invites:
  • First ask the person for their Xfire name (not their nickname, common mistake). You could also check this thread for their Xfire info, or you can see if they have their Xfire listed in their forum profile
  • Now that you have their name, go to the lower left hand corner of the Xfire client and you will see an orange pulse sign. Click it. Or if you feel that that is too hard go up to tools and scroll down to add friend. Slide over to "search Xfire users" and it will take you to the same place.
  • Enter in the person you are trying to adds’ Xfire name and hit search.
  • Depending on how good you were at entering their name there should be a short list (If you enter the wrong name just go to top and re-enter it and try the search again).
  • Select the name of the person you want to add as a friend (adding a personal message like "Hey its =F|A=Speedfact from HC server! Accept me please" is recommended, so they at least know who you are) and click "Add friend" and wait for them to accept.
Congrats you have a friend, once they decided to accept you that is!

Accepting friend invites:

If you are sent a friend request, Xfire will tell you in one of two ways
  • A small pop-up window will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen (above the clock)
  • The Notificiation Icon on the left hand side (normally a blue circle with yellow star in center) will turn red
You can accept it by
  • Clicking the notification icon and choosing one of the options on the right hand side of the Xfire client.
  • Clicking Accept on the notification that will flash on lower right hand side of the screen.
Declining friend invites:
  • Just say no. (ok just click the decline button that is right next to the accept button).
Removing Friends:

Got someone you don't want to talk to anymore?
  • Right click on the unwanted friend's name and select "Remove Friend" from the drop down menu.
  • Confirm or Cancel deleting them from your friends list.
How to change display name on Xfire:

To change your display name from the default account name
  • Hit tools and open options
  • Go to general tab (should open up on this window by default)
  • Check the box labeled "show nickname when available"
  • Enter a new name under "My nickname"
  • Press OK and now your display name should change to the name that you picked. (note it will not change your Xfire account name, only your display name)
How to start a chat:

Now that you have friends and a spiffy new nickname, click the name of the person you wish to chat with.
From here there are 3 things you can do
  • You can double click on their name which will open up the chat window
  • Right click their name, scroll down to send message
  • You can go to the bottom and select the talk bubble button.
Enter your text in the bottom box of the chat window and press Enter when finished.

How to start a group chat session:

Group chat is what it sounds like, it creates a chat room for multiple people to join and talk to eachother in one window.

To start a group chat:
  • Go to the left side of the Xfire window and click on the tab that has 3 chat bubbles in it (1 down from the top).
  • At the bottom of the Xfire client, Enter a name for your chat room (optional) and click on the button that has three chat bubbles and green plus in it.
  • A chat screen will pop up with the name of your chat room or the default " 1-chat room".
  • Then go to the actions at the top of the chat room and click it. Scroll down to invite friends to room.
  • If person is not in your friends list, you will have to either have someone who is already friends and in the chat room invite them or add them as a friend.
  • Select the box next to the friends you wish to invite and press OK. (reminder the friend has to accept the invitation to join the chat, see walk through below)
How to accept a group chat invite:
  • First a friend in the chat room or chat room admin has to send invite to you.
  • If they don't totally reject you, you will see a message pop up saying "soandso has invited you to a chat room”, you can then Accept or Decline (click one).
  • If you miss the pop up or your computer is being a pain don't worry. Look on the left-side of the Xfire client and click on the Notification icon (last tab on the left hand side). Click on that and there will be the invite and a prompt to accept or decline.
How to mute/kick/change admin settings in group chat:

To change admin level:

go to right corner and right click on a user's name and scroll over to change permissions and select one of the options from the drop-down menu.
  • Normal level makes them able to talk but they cannot change anything in chat room.
  • Power user gives them the ability to change people to moderator or power user but they can't mute or give highest level of admin power.
  • Moderators can kick and mute but they can't kick the person who created the room.
  • Admin is the person who created the room. The all powerful! He can kick, ban, give other members admin level or take away levels. So don't peeve him off.

To mute or kick a person from the chat room, right click their name and from the drop down menu select one of the following:
  • To mute the player, select Peon (mute). Which makes it so they can no longer type or use voice chat in chat room until you un-mute (simple set them to normal player or other admin levels)
  • To kick player right click their name scroll down to “Kick” and click it. They will be instantly kicked. But if you kick they can still rejoin if they get invited again. Ban makes them banned from room completely.
Saving/viewing Chat logs:

Enabling/Disabling chat logs:
  • Click tools, scroll down to and open the Options menu.
  • Click "Chat" tab
  • Check the box labeled “enable chat logging” and press ok
  • To turn it off go back into options and deselect the "enable chat logs".
Group chat logs:
  • Before you exit a chat room it will ask you if you want to save the chat or not. Simple check the box if you want to save the chat logs. If not proceed to exit.
Viewing Chat logs:
  • To view logs right click on a name in your Friends list and click "View chat logs" from the drop-menu.
Sending/Receiving files through Xfire:

You can do this one of two ways
  • Click on persons name and open a chat window with them (the person you wish to send the file to).
  • Right click on their name and scroll down to "Send File" from the drop-menu
After you've decided on your method:
  • Select file you wish to send.
  • Then add a description of the file.
  • Send it.
  • Wait for them to accept your request to send the file, after that transfer will begin and Xfire will tell you when it's finished
When Receiving a file:
  • Make sure you are out of the game and have an open chat window to the person who wants to send you file.
  • A window will pop up and you will recieve a message during chat like "=F|A=Speedfact is sending you Howtopickyournose.docx".
  • Accept it (the OK button), then it will start downloading onto your computer. Or deny it then it will do nothing.
  • If downloading the file it will ask you to rename it (if you want to) and then hit save.
How to enable Xfire In-Game:

To enable Xfire in-game:
  • open up your options again, click on the "Xfire In-Game" tab and simply check the "Enable Xfire In-Game" box.
  • The default keys work well, but if you’re not comfortable with them customize them to your liking (For me I have it set to number pad way easier than reaching for Scroll-lock key)
To close Xfire In-Game:
  • press ESC or ScrLk+X (or whatever key you have assigned to open Xfire In-Game)
Using Xfire In-Game:

WARNING: using Xfire In-Game while playing may ruin your score. So if you’re sensitive about your score, it would be wise to move to a safe spot or join the spectators before using Xfire In-Game.

Starting a Conversation:
  • Once it's safe to do so, Open up Xfire In-Game (default button is ScrLk + X)
  • Select the name of the person you wish to chat with and either double click their name or in bottom of the window, on the left hand side click on the speech bubble.
  • The Xfire chat should pop out once you click it and from there chatting works just the same as it does outside of your game.
Using Xfire In-Game Web-browser:
  • the internet during game through Xfire works, but it can make you lag in game pretty bad. All you have to do is hit the globe in the lower right corner (or ScrLk + W) and an internet browser will pop up (This browser operates pretty much the same as any web-browser.)
Taking a Screenshot:
  • To take pictures either hit the camera at the lower left hand side or hit ScrLk +S. These will show up on your profile.
Taking a Demo/video:
  • To take videos you have to hit ScrLk+V. Again this will be posted on your profile under videos for everyone to see.
IMPORTANT NOTE: F|A does not accept screenshots or demo’s taken from Xfire as proof of cheating because they can be easily altered.

Editing settings In-Game:

To edit your settings In-Game:
  • Open Xfire In-Game (or just hit ScrLk+E as a shortcut)
  • Go to left hand corner and hit the pencil icon. This will take you into Xfire editing mode where you can move/minimize/resize/remove all the Xfire in game devices.
Note: just because you edit a setting in one game doesn't mean it will change that setting in another game, for example: changing a setting in COD4 will not change the same setting in another game like ET.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Tutorial!
We hope this has helped some of you who have had trouble figuring out what Xfire is and how to use it!

Written by: Speedfact & GI-JOE


How to create an account:
New User
Download Xfire/Create New Account

How to Send/Accept/Decline Friend invites:
Sending invites:
Orange Plus sign
Search Xfire users
Search results window
Accepting invites:
Notification icon
Friend invite pop-up
Accept/Deny options
Removing friends:
Remove friend drop-menu

How to change your display name:
Tools> Options
General tab/New nickname menu

How to start a chat:
Send message drop-menu
Talk bubble icon
Chat window

How to start a group chat session:
To Start a group chat:
3 bubble icon
New group chat bar
Group chat window
invite to group drop-menu
invite to group pop-out list
Accepting a group chat invite:
Group chat invite pop-up

How to mute/kick/change admin settings in group chat:
To change admin level/Kicking/muting:
Change permissions drop-menu

Saving/viewing Chat logs:
Enabling/Disabling chat logs:
Group chat logs:
Group chat log drop-menu
Viewing chat logs:
View chat logs drop-menu

How to enable Xfire In-Game:
Starting a conversation:
Xfire In-Game window
Speech bubble
Using Xfire In-Game Web-browser:
Web-browser icon
Taking a Screenshot:
Screenshot icon
Taking a Demo/video:
Demo/video icon

Editing settings In-Game:
Editing overlay