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  • Added on: Oct 10 2011 01:27 PM
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Usefulness of TF2 Weaponry

Posted by Crasher on Oct 10 2011 01:27 PM
This isn't going to be a overly detailed tutorial. Maybe someone on the forums wants to play, but doesn't know which weapons to use. I'll give some suggestions.

(When I say "stock" it means the weapons they give you when you start the game fresh.)


- The stock scattergun is good for starters, but the soda popper is the most useful in most situations like arena and 2fort. Shortstop comes in 2nd because of it's fast firepower like a pistol but has the power of a scattergun.

- Mad milk or crit-a-cola (if not using soda popper) should be used in the 2nd slot instead of the stock pistol

- Sandman or Fan of War should be used for melee..both are great.


- The stock rocket launcher is the best overall for the soldier, I would only pick that unless you want to have fun with other rocket launchers

- The reserve shooter should be used for the 2nd slot

- The equalizer should be used for melee, the less health you have the more damage it does, but it blocks healing from medics (can still pick up medkits on ground)


- The backburner should be used for the main slot. It does more damage and rarely do you airblast soldiers unless you're good at it. I see people use the degreaser but I think it sucks.

- Flare gun no doubt for the secondary. The only way to get a ranged attack in is with this gun.

- Melee varies...most of the melee weapons are all good in their own way. Just pick whichever.


- Stock grenade launcher should be used, Loch n load sucks unless you can aim real well.

- Secondary depends..if you're going to be a hybrid demonight/man then you pick a chargin' targe or a splendid screen here. If you're going to be full out demoman then pick scottish resistance here.

- Melee should be the Eyelander or the Persian persuader.


- Main minigun should be the stock minigun or tomislav. People (like me at some point) like to use brass beast, but it's just too slow unless you're good at being heavy...then it owns big time.

- Sandvich here no brainer, family business sucks and so does the other foods.

- Fists of steel are good if you don't do melee otherwise pick a different set of gloves The running ones are good with tomislav.


- Frontier justice over the stock shotgun. It's more powerful and when your sentry is destroyed you get revenge critical hits with it.

- Put in the Wrangler than the stock pistol. Wrangler is a remote control which gives your sentry more health plus you can control it.

- For the wrench pick the southern hospitality or the gunslinger. Gunslinger makes it so you can make a mini sentry with less cost and set up fast. Southern hospitality makes people bleed on contact for 3 or so seconds. Good for killing spies when they try and sap you.


- Stock sniper rifle is good, the Machina can be good if you're a seasoned sniper, otherwise pick the stock sniper rifle. If you're good you can get non scoped headshots in this game with it.

- Jarate for the secondary. Exposes spies and is good for meleeing. (gives you min-crits on contact) also extinguishes fires on your teammates or yourself

- Bushwaka or Tribesman shiv for the melee slot


- The stock medigun gives invincibility for a short time, Kritzkrieg gives critical hits for a short time. Pick either of these.

- The syringe gun that's best is the Blutsauger it gives you 3 hit points when you hit

- The melee sets are all situational. Pick whichever you want


- Pistols are situational.. if you can get non scoped headshots then the Ambassador is for you, if you like more damage than the Enforcer is for you.

- Stock knife is great, I would just stay with that.

- Dead ringer watch or Cloak and dagger watch are both good in their own right.

Again this is not suppose to be fancy, just a little guide for people who are starting TF2.