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  • Added on: Mar 25 2011 04:05 PM
  • Date Updated: Mar 29 2011 04:24 AM
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Punkbuster Comands

There's more functions than just your admin commands!

Posted by Chuckun on Mar 25 2011 04:05 PM
In this tutorial I will explain several useful Punkbuster commands. Thanks to Stabak for suggesting this tutorial idea to me.

Take note: Punkbuster slot numbers are +1 in comparison with /players list.

PB Player List
Type /pb_plist into the console to see a list of players, their PB slot number, their 8 character GUID, and some other information.

This information can be highly useful if you don't have any admin level - for example, you can obtain their GUID without !finger or !userinfo.

PB Alias List

Using the player slot found in /pb_plist (or the slot from /players +1), type into the console /pb_alist <slot> ie: /pb_alist 11.
This will reel off all their recent aliases - this can be very useful when tracking a common cheater - it's always a good advantage to have a list of their known aliases.

PB Kick
If you don't have the ability to !kick a player, you can in fact use PB Kick.
Simply type /pb_kick followed by the slot number found in /pb_plist (or /players list +1) to call a punkbuster vote to kick a cheater.

Thanks to bok for asking me to explain pb_kick further. Here goes!

A basic rule is that you'll need 10 votes to kick a player off.

I'll explain why:
Everyone has a pb powerlevel onthe server - generally, everyone has a power level of 0 (max is 10) - even I have power level 0, because I've no need for it, I can !kick !ban etc..
So when no admin is present.. You'll need to get 10 people to pb_kick him...

You can check how many kick-votes have been sent for that player by looking at /pb_power. You will see a list like this:

[09.10.2005 01:32:05] Power Kicking Enabled: [Slot #] [Power] [Points Against] [GUID] [Name]
1 1 0/10 xxxxxxxx(-) Chuckun
2 1 0/10 xxxxxxxx(-) Bok
3 1 5/10 xxxxxxxx(-) Cheater <---- (there's 5 votes out of 10 needed against him)
4 1 0/10 xxxxxxxx(-) Person1
5 1 0/10 xxxxxxxx(-) Person2
6 1 0/10 xxxxxxxx(-) Person3
7 1 0/10 xxxxxxxx(-) Person4

WARNING: Abuse of pb_kick will be punishable by F|A Admins.

Remember, these functions are all available to you WITHOUT any admin level.

The following commands are available only to higher level admins on the servers, but they do exist.

PB ScreenShots
These screenshots are taken from a players viewpoint, thus enabling us to see exactly what the player sees, if they are using a hack, for example.
/pb_getss <slot> - used exactly the same as the other pb commands in this tutorial, except most members cannot utilise it.

/pb_ssOptions is also available for those able to take PB screenshots, to enable them to set various options for the taking of a PB SS.