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  • Added on: Mar 17 2011 03:24 PM
  • Date Updated: Mar 17 2011 03:25 PM
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Get Stable Fps

Get Stable Fps

Posted by Jorz on Mar 17 2011 03:24 PM
1.Update Your Graphics Card Drivers.
Download Game Booster:

It will create 2 desktop icons,one called Game Booster and the other "Switch To Gaming Mode".
Open the gamebooster one,go to game drivers,it will show a list of updates for all kinds of drivers,from chipsets drivers updates to soundcard and graphics

card drivers.
Click on the driver you want to update then click "go to download page",and update.

Then Double Click at Switch To Gaming Mode,it will stop uneccesary proccesses.

Also you can Download Ccleaner,it will stop some temporary internet browser things,and will boost a bit ram.

2.Stop Unnecessery proccesses from task manager.
Press ctrl+alt+delete

Stop as much proccesses as you can,you dont need print spooler,antivirus-firewall and other stuff runing,also gamebooster will leave a gbtray proccesses stop

this too.


/cg_atmosphericeffects 0

Turns off rain/snow.

/cg_bloodDamageBlend 0

This changes the opacity of blood splatter on your screen. it goes from 0.0 to 1.0.

/cg_bloodflash 0

This allows you to change the opacity of the flash on your screen you get when taking damage.

/cg_showblood 0

/cg_gibs 0

These settings turn off the blood and gore in ET.

/cg_shadows 0

Turns off the shadows under players.

/cg_wolfparticles 0

Turns off explosion effect details.

/cg_trailparticles 0

Removes the smoke from panzers.

/cg_muzzleflash 0

/r_mode 4

lower resolution may help.

/r_fastsky 1

/r_picmip 3

/rate 50000 (some people say if you have shitty connection you should set it to 25000 or 30000,putting it to the highest amount allowed by the server will

only help trust me,on =F|A= servers it will get at the highest amount allowed by pb,but on some other clan's server pb may kick you for 1 minute)

/cl_maxpackets 100 (Some people say that if you have a crappy pc you should set it to 30,i do have a shitty 4 year old pc with 1 mb internet speed and it only f***s it

up,so always play with 100 maxpackets)

(You can mess with these 2 and you will see i am correct here,you will see on your lagometer instant change)

/seta com_maxfps x (mess with the number till you reach the highest amount but still stable)

/cg_drawfps 1
/cg_drawlagometer 1
to show you the lagometer and your fps.

4.Theres no 4,do all the above and you will feel the diference ^^,pretty much if you only update your graphics card drivers you will see a big difference but

either way you cant play with muzzleflash,wolfeparticles etc.Running et @ 100% cpu usage isnt good at all,and may affect your fps,stop unneccessary

proccesses as said above.

Usefull Stuff:

http://fearless-assa..._hl__=f|a= menu

=F|A=-Menu-Servers-Version 2:
http://fearless-assa...-Servers-v2.exe for windows
http://fearless-assa...zip/fa-menu.zip for mac or linux

Wolfenstein Et 2.6 2.6b Patch

Simple Cfg With All The Cvars Above At 0 For Better fps:

You May Request Your Own Config Here:

Good Luck!