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Landmine Spotting

Posted by vke on 27 July 2012 - 10:18 PM

Currently you can't spot landmines using binoculars. It will show 1 mine at a time, but will never spot it and show the flag instead.

Can you give any other variables that might lead to an answer? Or perhaps a demo if you can reproduce it? If you can, I'll post it @ silent forums.. But I've never had this issue.. Probably something to do with the newly implemented cvar for limiting soldiers,medics,engis and fieldops to 'close-quarter spotting'..

Yeah I'll try to grab a demo. I think it might have something to do with having my binoc key bound to also do arty without clicking.

That could well be it.. try using your binoc slot (is it slot 8?) and clicking rather than holding B, see if it cures it - if so, its your 'script' >.<

There is a demo of it. You can see the mine by the truck when I walk by, but I can't spot it with binoculars. I tried with and without the script on binocs, still was unable to spot it.

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Do you have full covert ops class? Im not sure if it makes a difference but perhaps you need it in order to spot mines.. I'll take a look at the demo anyways

Yeah i have full xp in all classes. Some of my allies were able to spot mines. Maybe medics can't? I'll try to get more demos tonight.

I believe you can't spot mines far in range.... can someone please confirm?


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