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F|A goes multi gaming clan and new server upgrades!

- - - - - Server Update

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F|A is an ET clan with one simple motto: "If you build it, they will come."
In following our dreams to construct a relaxed environment where many types of ET-players can converge, we have found that this motto certainly holds well among our members and visitors.

As of April 1st, our goal to provide a continuous gaming service where players can converge and share their skills in a friendly competitive atmosphere has allowed us to proudly announce that our achievements have raised F|A to the tier of a multi-gaming clan, thus expanding F|A to a much larger ET and COD serving community.

We have added new servers and upgraded our old ones to provide lag free gaming experiences.

COD 4 Server IP:
It runs on patch v 1.6
Server Name: F|A TDM Kill Box

COD 4 server runs on Dual Intel Quadcore CPU's with 16gb ram machine.

We are recruiting for COD 4 players so that they can also become part of F|A.

We have also added a new Jaymod 44 Slot server which runs on Windows machines and our host provider for this is emsgaming. The new machine is powered with Intel Xeon Quads X2 processor, 8Gb of RAM and 150 Gb Raptor drives with Internap 100 mbit ports on multiple Gig-E backbones.

Jaymod #2 : 44 Slots. Server IP: 27960
Server Name: F|A #2 RECRUITING XPS
It has 3 months XP save system, moltov's, adrenaline, and new map line up which includes baserace, hotchkiss, etc. As our history says we change our maps every 2 months and our settings are choosen by regular players. If you have any suggestion for our new server use the suggestion box and let us know.

The story doesn't end yet. We know there are many players who love single jump with tight hit-boxes and who want to put their abilities to the test. For them, we have upgraded our old 20 slot to 24 slot jaymod. It has all scrim maps and yes it also runs on Dual Intel Quadcore CPU's to provide lag free environment.

New Server IP:
Server Name: F|A Hardcore XPS
It has no moltovs, poison knifes or double jump. It's for pure fragging and beating the time on the clock. Map rushing is allowed all the way.

Our host provider also updated our oldest Jaymod F|A RECRUITING XP SAVE Server to Dual Intel Quadcore CPU's with 16gb ram to provide a lag free environment.

Last but not least, we would like to give a special thanks to the donors, server regulars, clan members, host providers and friends for their wonderful contributions to make F|A an excellent place.

<3 YOU All,
=F|A= Clan.

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Hurray! We hope everyone is having fun and enjoying with us. :D



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Yeah! :yahoo Congratulations everyone! :cheers



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need to get cod4



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:hmm :yahoo :thanks



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aww ill miss the poison knives and the double jump :oops:



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aww ill miss the poison knives and the double jump :oops:

:) :hi

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