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Freeze on map loading screen

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Hey there,


Been about a year or so since I've played ET and I got the itch again.  I downloaded and installed ET on a PC running Windows 7 but ran into an issue that has me slightly baffled.  


On the map loading screen, the game always seems to freeze after downloading the necessary map/file, whether it be the Silent version (since I've tried a few fresh installs) or sp_delivery_te (since this map is always on hardcore when I try to connect  :P .)  


Anyway, this has been going on for about a month or so.  I've tried installing/connecting on about 3 occasions with no success.  I made sure I was running as admin, tried installing Legacy to see if that would help, but still no success.  I installed the client from your forums so I assume it has nothing to do with missing essential info/files.  I feel like this has happened to me in the past, eons and eons ago, but it was only a temporary or one-off thing that kind of fixed itself on its own.  Just to fully sum up my problem (since I'm slightly stewed,) ET freezes when I'm on the loading screen of a map and the progress bar does not move at all.  I have to ctrl+alt+delete to get off the screen, but even that takes about a minute to register.  It always says ET is not responding.  


Norton and Spyware Doctor are running in the background (possibly Mcafee as well) which I have no control over since it's my dad's computer. I wonder if this has to do with the problem?  I have no experience using Norton and Mcafee; I've used Spyware Doctor in the past with no problems.  


Thanks for the help,


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Probably not your problem but get rid of Norton, Spyware Doctor and McAfee. Waste of time and resources



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Have you given our PK3 cleaner a shot?

This will delete custom and extra pk3 files from your ETMain folder, one of which could be corrupted.

You can download it here: http://fearless-assa...to-pk3-cleaner/
It does not need an installer, simply right click and "Run as Administrator" :)

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