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Damn Migraines are killing me

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Ol Smoke

Ol Smoke

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I had the worst migraine today that I have had over the 40 years of having these things.

It was so bad that I could not remember my wife's name or my kids or anyone.  My wife

kept asking who my son was and I had no idea of his name or his kids or anyone.  Pretty

scary, but it only lasted for about 4 hours.  I seem to be okay now, but anyone who has

these things knows what I am talking about. 

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I understand how u feel



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Not one for neurogenic painkillers, I guess?



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Not me personally but my wife has complained of debilitating migraines also, they sometimes leave her unable to get out bed; I feel for her, and anyone who suffers from these types of headaches. 

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Have you ever asked a Doc about your migraine ?

Could be for different reasons : Food (my dad don't support anymore nuts or white wines), Eyes (thats my case, if i spent too much time on PC), Genetic (in your family any case ?)


For me when i have a "big" one , i can't focus on something, i need to be alone , sleeping in the dark with no noise and ofc take a lot of pills :wacko:


Good luck and visit a doc !

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