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Leaving FA :(

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wtf r u smoking ddog is leaving not roadkill

roflmao, good luck ddog :D

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Hmm, strange guy. Seems a bit inconstant in his decisions. In february applied on BnB-Clan, two months later on F|A. After getting finally in, he left F|A to work on his new clan. :crazy Good luck with your own project and future ambitions, anyways.



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:P hell talks to me all the time hehe he knows if he does not acc my pm i spam the hell out of him lol but bye ddog



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hell_RETURN$ in xfire?...boy that must be a miracle,coz he never talks..i say this from experience..i dont see the day ill get a message back...muahaha... ;)

hell doesnt talk on xfire.

He does, but only to special people :)

He always answers my xfire messages and pm's because he knows I'll call him if he doesn't :P

BTW, good luck with your server and new clan ddog. If you need any technical advice for the server I'll be glad to help.



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I never really got to know you or anything, roadkill.
But I remember playing with you sometimes..anyway.
I hope you have a great time with your new server, and we can still be friends(:
Even though we're not really friends..haha.

wtf r u smoking ddog is leaving not roadkill

I'm not leavin and in no time in the future either
and i'll be ur friend Rambaa if you want another 1

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