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constantly getting "connection interrupted"

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Unknown at this point
I've been playing on the jaymod server (as "Cheese" thanks to admin who switched my name) for a while and love it, but lately i've had a poblem. Every time I enter the sever my connection is choppy, so much so that I can't even play. And my connection type keeps defaulting back to "unselected" but even when I switch it back to the proper one i'm still getting that blaring connection interupted icon. I've done nothing different to the setting's on my router (playing wirelessly on my laptop) or in ET setting's. WTF! Any suggestions? I'm not that savvy when it comes to diognosing these thing's myself and am begining to have withdrawls. Please help, if I have to sit through anymore of my wifes dvr'd shows (desperate housewives and all that crap) without something else to do I'm gonna go postal.

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Unknown at this point
how is your connection on the laptop, just for surfing & such? maybe you are getting an intermittent connection. solar flares. magnetic field from the microwave? wireless signals are a bit more likely to get interference than a hard line.

i get choppy connection on both the jaymod and the etpub server, heck, on ANY server when there are 25-30+ ppl on it.




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Use that software and post your results.

1. For "unselected" Don't worry for it.

Use /players

to see your rate.

Type in console cg_autorate 1 and it will put you on autorate and depending and your connection it will keep increasing/decreasing u rate.

2. Game can only understand rate upto 25000. Above that for game its all wtf are this number and it will end up saying "unselected". Jaymod can go upto 45000 rate depending on your connection speed.

3. As always asked please post your PC/ desktop / laptop specs. So, we know where your problem is. Last guy was crying for lag and was using celeron PC. I said him I can't do much because if you use 2 decade old car and put Jet gasoline in it and expect it to run at 120MPH then it wan't happen.

4. Have u tried playing on lan cable rather then wifi to see if issue is with wifi or not?

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