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I guess this is goodbye?

- - - - - leaving goodbye trust

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Hello friends and f|amily,


I'm sad to announce that I am leaving.

Because my PC is broken and isn't gonna/can't be fixed and I don't have the money to buy a new one.

Also I just don't have enough time anymore, I have work/school/family and just no time to be an admin anymore. :(


So this is goodbye (for now) until things calm down and I can buy myself a new PC.

I enjoyed my time here (2 years) and I am sad that I have to go and I will miss alot of people.



<3 <3


Trust signing off.

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Sad to see u go but real life comes first hopefully see you around soon



    redy me plsss

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Sorry with your PC. That sucks. RL comes first.

Have a good life



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meh shit happens bud just take it as a break 

when you got some cash to get a new comp 

we will be here some time life takes over for a bit 

but im sure you will have some time to come around :)

just go inactive and let us know when your back 

good luck with everything and catch you  around some time  :)



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So this is goodbye (for now) until things calm down and I can buy myself a new PC.



It is good that you put the ? on the Goodbye in your title!   :)


it looks like you kept your site-logon information.  Be sure to save your etkey file, your silent.dat file and your COD guid.  


If your hard drive is still good, then you can save it and attach it to a new computer and copy all your important files over to the new unit.  


We will be seeing you, in your happy future.   :D



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Hey m8, as we all say RL come's first. But you don't need PC to come once in a while to check forums, mobile is just enogh good for it :) For PC untill recent I played ET on 14 year old pc (14!!!!!) and It was great for that purpose. Now i bought new for cca 300€ with windows, and I got NOD32 antivirus for free for 2 years with it. Just wanting to say it's not that expencive anymore. :) give it a break a bit, take care of thw things in real life and I'm sure we'll meet again.
I wish you all the best m8. Cya arround.

von Rantala

von Rantala

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Once member always a member ;)  Just take a break, and when you are able to come back you can be happy that you not need to start everything from "zero". Take Care mate and i wish you all the best!



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Good luck in your real life. See you later ^_^

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