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Comcast wins "Worst Company in America" Award

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and i forgot to mention we lived within a mile of the comcast hub lmao

I live within a mile from their major business center. One of their support team told me no service if available at my location and I know my apt had comcast cos i saw it's filthy wire. Use verizon FIOS. Working good for me.

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lol. Well I've learned a bit from reading others experience. The main thing being never live within a mile of a comcast hub.

@Desu: I guess consider yourself lucky. Thats cool that you have such awesome service. Looking at the BBB's website for comcast you get everything from F to A- depending on what area you select. Makes me wonder if they are franchised or if there's really that much difference in how local managers run things

@Twocrows: While I feel bad for your experiences with comcast, I literally LOL'd reading that. Unfortunately most of the bad stories I've read around seem to echo more your experience than Desu & Terminator. Its a shame to have to fight with an ISP just to provide the service they're paid to deliver.

@Connection: That's just funny man. There used to be all kinds of funny hacks you could do to the box to get more channels. I say funny b/c it involved things like tweaking some connectors just a certain way and suddenly HBO wouldn't be scrambled anymore.

Thanks for sharing your experiences guys. It made for some good reading this morning.



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They are pretty terrible on prices, but service in unmatched

Me being a contractor for Comcast, i can tell you all it goes far beyond what the customers experiences, exployee have a lot of reason to b*** about as well that might help Comcast keep that title of Worst Company for hopefully, anther year

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