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Packed from Belgium

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von Rantala

von Rantala

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I recreived Packed from Belgium today, Thank you Barbwire and Lucky! This is our second packed what we send, i liked fruitellas so much last time, that i asked Barbwire send me more those, last time i eat my fruitellas in couple days, now i hope that they take longer :) Thank you for taking time and money for sending me this candies. We excange candies for same amount, but your post costs are higher than my, so if u want that i send money difference to u say it and i can do it, or nextime i will add u little bit extra in packett :)



Here  http://fearless-assa...ium/?hl=candiesis our last topic when we use more money, now we wanted keep smaller budgett :)

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Wauw i never knew someone could find our frutella's so delicious!

Maybe next time you could ask for Speculoos pasta :) 

You will faint that's how good that is :D



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He didn't just like them!  His reaction was like this:





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:dance:  cool brother, enjoy it and no need to send money back or send more candies ;) don't worry the most important is to trade things from our own country ;)

He didn't just like them!  His reaction was like this:


Haha Redbaird, nice one :D

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