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American, Americano, Norte Americano, North & South America

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    What does this thing do? I will push it and see...

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The best explanation that I have ever seen! :)  ( and it's by a Scotsman!  )


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Pretty agree with the last sentence:
Respect the language.

We learn (or at least me) in school that in
American = A person who live in USA
English = The language, but, also a person who live in England
Estadounidense or Norteamericano(this is wrong since Mexico also is North America)

IMHO USA haven't a real name as country that's why the rest of the world call them Americans, but this affects the ego of Americans since a part of the population is excessively proud and patriotic and here is when troubles shows up, also know that a part of Americans are disagree with the same country, at the end of everything, USA is a big country multicultural, beauty and as every country with good and bad things.

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