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Amber:D To Keep You All Updated

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So guys and gals, I miss you all. I miss the friendship, the support, the fun, and the learning. I, unfortunately, may have to once again move because we can not afford the house. My parents both lost their jobs, however, my mom just got an offering, and my father has been doing part time side jobs with his brother. I still have no internet but my parents are figuring out something because we need it for school. 
Lets move on to a much happier topic:

Well I have A's in every single class and I start my college courses next semester. I am VERY proud of myself. I have a lot of friends at this new school and A LOT of support. Im back on track school-wise. You guys can always message me and I will respond I get emails every time someone messages me. You guys are my second family.

( Post in this topic if you want to keep me updated with you all.) 

:D  :D  :D 

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Glad to hear you doing well in school Amber, but sorry to hear your parents are still finding it difficult to provide a stable home life, I wish you well.


Miss killing you in game too btw  :yeye pew pew pew.  :thumbsup



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Hey girl!

I wondered where you went. Am sorry to hear about family struggles. Sounds like although going through tough times your family isn't giving up and neither are you! :)

Fantastic job with school! I hope things continue to go well with your new school- friends, support, etc.  Keep your focus on the future :)  We'll see you back online soon.



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Hey Amber, sorry to hear that things are a little rough right now, I hope it all turns out well for you soon though. Fantastic job in school, keep up the great work and remember to do something good with your knowledge! Most people learn and never do anything with it, it's the special people in the world who do. Good luck!  :D



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glad you are doing well in school even under difficult times..i will ask for an angel to visit.... casting eyes of sympathy upon you and yours...blessings are sure to follow



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I'm happy to hear about your grades and keep up the education.  I have a daughter that is doing very well in school too and nothing makes me prouder.  I'm sorry to hear about the work situation but hang in there and something will happen. They seem like they will keep looking and praying until something goes right.  Until then we will kill each other till you come back.



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