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My Surgery

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Pvt. Parts

Pvt. Parts

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Good Luck Amber! back in April i had foot and ankle surgery to repair two completely torn tendons and I am still in pain and recovering but i do not think you will have that long of a recovery period. Hope everything goes well

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As a British father I can honestly say; "You'll live."
Which is essentially the equivalent of "Stop your whining."

Seriously, you'll live and play and continue as you always have done because life don't have shit on a strong spirit. That's the longer explanation of the phrase "You'll live" :)

fat teddy bear

fat teddy bear

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hey that makes 2 of us goin for surgery! im goin for a spinal surgery to remove a tumour too! its giving me massive back pains n headaches! i wish you well.. 



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Have you checked you overall physical condition and if your immune system is ok, like if you´re having sore throat or a fewer too often? Because it could be related to constant inflammation and have seen a "bump" on wrist on a person who ended up discovering years after "strep throat" and operating that instead.

I´m not a doctor but a general physical examination wouldn´t hurt? Except if you´re afraid of needles for blood example;)

Take care and speedy recovery in case if you took the surgery.

Pablo Honey

Pablo Honey

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I hope everything went smoothly and the recovery isn't too bad!



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All my best whishes for U, you can see that soon again to play your favorite game !!! The Teddy bear Protect to U XD

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