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Lag for ET

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Dare2BeFair / Captain.

Dare2BeFair / Captain.

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1-try open game wolf et 
2-go to option
3-go system
4-go to connection and choose lan/CABLE/XDFL
not sure but try it

I believe this is just for the download transfer rate etc, and wont effect ping or lag.

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I believe this is just for the download transfer rate etc, and wont effect ping or lag.

Yeah It really doesnt change to good as I said its only worse if change it and I used to get kicked because of connection but then I let it on unselected and I didnt had any problem since then



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Are you getting lagg from your connection, or does it feel laggy because of low FPS? Both are different, and are easily fixed if you have the right set-up for your specs.


Can you post your PC specs, and connection type?


Hit me up on xfire when I'm on, I can aid you. :)



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what about windows 7 how to check that cause i always have ping 250+ or 230+ 

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Please refer to this post about lag.

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