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Ping / Lag problem.

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Since long time i've noticed that I have really weird ping. Living in Ireland and playing on Fun1 i get ping around 150 - 170, before usually it was max 80/90 ( i do have really bad internet ) but somehow now I have higher ping than people from the US.. It really drives me crazy as I can see my lagometer down the right corner going crazy sometimes.. I've no idea of what the cause can be..
The results of WinMTR : http://scr.hu/163v/to6un
My speedtest.net results : http://www.speedtest.../3402525773.png (it is shitty but has never been that bad)

Operating System:Win7
RAM: 3.00 (usable 2.75)
Motherboard: Im not sure if it is it, packardbell imedia s3210
Hard drive (IDE, PATA, SATA, etc): http://scr.hu/163v/jy8mo
Graphics card: Geforce 9200
Graphics card driver version: NVida(Don't really know which one;x)
Wifi: No wifi i've it on my cable connected to the router.
Your location (country): Ireland
Router Name (If you use any): Router is just my internet providers Eircom
Which anti virus and firewall you use: AVG (free version)

i'll post the lagometer later if I get the chance, i hope you will sort it out.. I also noticed that it kinda got worst after i loaded my old botting CFG from years back ( i think 3/4 maybe ) didn't use it since but it always have been a good cfg with bringing my ping down and providing more fps. Yesterday I also noticed a slight change in my downloading speed, it was before 220kb/s now 170/180kb/s. The speed is still the same on my laptop which is connected through wifi so I kinda think its the problem with my computer.. Maybe too old i reckon..

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Run winMTR for 100, 500 and 1000 packets. 3 times. Take screenshot and post it here. I will forward it to network team. 


You also have packet loss at your ISP. There is nothing we can do over that. 



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packets you mean "ping size(bytes)" if yes ->http://scr.hu/163v/3pyup

300 - http://scr.hu/163v/he0w7

500 - http://scr.hu/163v/0io90



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With 100, 500 and 1000 packets its meant that the columns "Sent" and "Recieved" have to reach 100, 500 and 1000. You´d have to start and stop for each packet size.

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