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Better quit griping about the weather....

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I was listening to the news and weather this morning and all those people in the Midwest are just griping their asses off about the snow and the cold.  Well here is the truth people.

Two years ago it got so dry in the Midwest that the subterranean water deposits dried up.  We lost peanut and corn crops by the millions.  The only way to put that water back in

the ground is with snow runoff.  Rain water doesn't do it.  Rainwater just goes down the river system into the ocean.  But snow melts slowly and the water is absorb deep into the

ground and fills up those underground coffers.  So rejoice.  You will have well water this year to irrigate with.

The other thing snow and ice does....it kills the insects that are hibernating under the soil.  Mostly grasshoppers and other plant eaters. 


So listen up,  stop complaining and wait till it all stops, and then, starts to melt.  Then you will be pleased until it gets too hot for you.  Then start griping again.



As for the southern states and the winter they got.  Same thing.  Those big lakes down there were bone dry.  No water, no skiing, no fishing,  no money.  This spring, those lakes

will be full and the resorts will be making money again.  Also,  when you pray for water, God sometimes answers your prayers.  So thank him, and quit griping about how he gave it to you.

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I'm finally an old man, so if i don't get my grumpy out I may explode! hehe



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:agree  :sorry



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Stupid Canada.

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