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Take care of yourself young guys...

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WeetBix KiD

WeetBix KiD

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I don't think that was needed.

Agreed, people are going to do drugs anyways. Might as well tax them and get some money out of it. 

I don't know if alcohol is considered a drug or not? Coffee is also a drug. Thing is, a lot of things are bad for you if you have to much of it or grow addicted to it. But in moderation they aren't bad for you. With drugs it depends on what kind, like Scream said the soft drugs really aren't that bad. Studies show that their affects are only temporary.

@Smoke thank you for the warning :)

Alcohol is considered a drug here, just legal.. Coffee is a drug as it has caffine in it (same as soda, tea etc)
Thats my point. There are many drugs out there, many that are legal (over the counter pain relief) Its about using your head and using in moderation.

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I may sound like an a**h**** but anyone that does drugs is the dumbest guy alive(no offinse).  Thanfully i have never been tempted by them.


Thx for the reminder

Sry for my cruel post man, i really am.  I respect u and shouldn't have said anything.


Thx for being brave enough to share the story.



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Well said. I have both seen and personally dealt with drug abuse and I can say it takes a toll on the body and the mind. It dilutes who you are and ravages you physically. Thanks for sharing your story, Smoke. 



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This actually hit home for me, Smoke. This past year or so I have indulged a bit more than I would have ever expected of myself. I have tried a few harder drugs for experimental purposes and thankfully am not in anyway drawn to try them again. 


However, I must admit I have begun to smoke a lot more MJ than I used to (it was once a rare occasion). It was even to the point where I would proceed my daily routine with a "wake and bake" just to help lift my spirits and help me through some stressful times. I really do appreciate you opening up and although we may argue MJ is not all that negative, I have seen a great decline in my overall well-being. I have not been to the gym in months, feel like I am going to cough up a lung when playing football (soccer), and I have troubles waking up and always feel tired. 


Do I think MJ is bad from time to time? No, but when it becomes a daily routine, it can't be good. 


Thanks again Smoke, wise words from a wise man. 



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..suddenly I'm now afraid to reach that age.



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Heya Smoke,


Great post. I must say that I did not know that you were so bright! Good lord if I had a mind like yours lol! Sometimes persons are "too blessed" in that the drawback to being so smart is that you get bored easily. Hard to attain focus when your brain is racing ahead and gobbling up info. Good of you to share your exp. which is very very valuable. I do hope you live till 70 cuz I need you around to pad mah stats! LOL. But seriously, I hope that it gets better for you man!



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I agree 100%.


Even the "soft drugs" like marijuana can permanently f*** up your life, and make you change everything you do, and prevent you from doing A LOT of things.


I'm on medication 3x a day for the rest of my life because of it. Permanent lifestyle changes. Blood work and hospital tests. Thanks to smoking weed because I thought it was cool.


I feel real f***ing cool now.


Smoke, I wish you the best, and I definitely hope you live well beyond 70. Take care of yourself brother.

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