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What would you do if money were no object?

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Money were no object,  move to Hudson Bay, have my supplies flown in, shoot any humans and feed them to the polar bears.

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Money were no object,  move to Hudson Bay, have my supplies flown in, shoot any humans and feed them to the polar bears.

They are doing wonderful things in mental institutions these days fish...lol 



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I had to once make an essay about money and luck.

My conclusion was that money doesn't necessarily make you happy, but it creates a shortcut to happiness.


The first thing I would do is send all my friends to my parents home in Mozambique (my parents live and work there since a year).

We would just stay there for a few months during summer holiday. We'd party, but I would also organize a help program to participate in with my friends.

We would, after a week or two of relaxing, try to teach children English in Mozambique.

Mozambique is still very poor.

Last time we were there, we decided to sponsor the local soccer team (Football would be the correct word, in my opinion ;)). We gave every player a pair of socks.

This sounds like a small gift, but you should have seen the looks on the faces of those people. We made grown men happy with soccersocks. Very impressive.

So I wouldn't have to use a lot of money to do this stuff. I just need a little bit, because even though it's a small gift in our eyes, in their's it's worth a fortune.



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First thing to do would be pay off the house and cars..Next pay off all of the houses belonging to the people that have been good to me. I would fix up the house and open a food kitchen. I would spend my days paying it forward helping those in real need. Nothing feels better than helping someone thats truly struggling out of the hole they are in. Yesterday our church gave out groceries and turkeys and such to people that have lost everything including relationships businesses homes cars loved ones. It was an awesome way to spend Sat morning. Next Id build a top of the line gaming room new computers and the works. I agree with the above post money is a tool. And how its used can provide a certain level of satisfaction. But money can also be a curse changing all of those around you into being fake and out for there own gain.

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