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Cheater on Jay 2

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13 FYY

13 FYY

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CHeater on jay 2 : 4M4Z1Ng

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Please post this in the Cheater Report section under Complaints.


Fill out this form:


Server Name:

Name/alias of cheater you are reporting:

Approximate Time: 


von Rantala

von Rantala

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Thank you for info Nachos. Frated1 tell what you must fill. And in proof we need demo. You can start demo on F12 button. And when you want stop demo push button F12 again. Demo go your Wolfenstein folder then choose jaymond folder then choose demos folder and there you can find your demo if its taken jaymond server as Jay2. If you want add your demo you need zip or you can post demo on www.mediafire.com. First you must create account there. If zip is easier for you, use zip but if not, you can use mediafire. If you need help how to post demos you can send me pm. Good luck and Thank you for help catch cheaters.

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