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Minecraft Game Weekend: Details

- - - - - minecraft minecraftgame weekend boobies

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First thing is first, here is the essential info:


Server: =F|A= #1 Survival Server

Address: mc1.fearless-assassins.com:25565 or

Time of event start: 10/19 @ or around 12-1PM EST

For timezone conversions use this: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/



Alright Dudes and Dudettes, with 2 days left until the start of the Minecraft Game Weekend (part of Gametoberfest...yeah that's right, just made it up) I figure it's about time to get some info out about what you can expect this weekend!


What sort of shenanigans can we expect?


When trying to come up with something to do that would not only be fun but could be dragged out over two days (because I'm too lazy/tired/busy to come up with more than one thing on my own), I decided to turn to my favorite youtube channels/internet icons for inspiration. So after finding nothing there I decided to do what every wise man out of ideas does, blatantly ripoff someone more successful and creative than himself! 


So, This weekend, we will be playing in...*insert drum roll* A replica of Achievement City by the fellas over at Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth! (map made by these fine folks). If you are not familiar with it I STRONGLY RECOMMEND checking out these videos, not only because they are hilarious but they will also show how some of the games on this map are played.

Let's Play Minecraft

Things to do (watch the minecraft ones....


I have made a few slight modifications/fixes in my spare time this last week to the map since some of the Let's play/Things to Do replicas were either not working right or unfinished/unstocked and not as user friendly as they should be for server play. 


A few people in the know (3 total) helped me test some of these and we all had a blast playing them with just the 4 of us so I know for a fact with more people it will be even more fun.


Don't forget to RSVP to this events HERE and HERE to enter your name into the raffle to win a free game and participate in the awards that will be given out at the end of the month!


So come and join us this weekend!! I hope to see all your smiling faces! 


PS: Don't forget to join us on Teamspeak!

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If u want to have much fun , You should join us ... if we had so much fun only with 3 people playing - more players will be hilarious .

Map is amazing and have many variants of mini games so you dont get bored .


But if you dont have game i understand ... ohhhh wait  ... BUY IT !!!


P.S Speed that means you have to play with us Muhahahaha 


I can't wait !!!!!



    Pinkie nooooo!

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I can wait, but I don't want to.



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P.S Speed that means you have to play with us Muhahahaha 

No way in helll

but my wife might be there....



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Should be fun!



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I'll, obviously, be joining in and I'll get myself on TS as well :)



but my wife might be there....


Oh. Dear. God.

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