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Changed to a 120hz tv..

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I have been playing for a while but Im pretty new to modifying the configs and all that kind of stuff. With my old tv i used was a 42 inch 720 60hz now i just switched to a 46 1080 120hz. The game looks different but so does the game play.. i having some issues adjusting.. i cant play lol :( Is there anything I can do to adjust that, besides going to back to my old monitor?

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i dont really think there is anything you can do about it exept for training, i had to grow used to my new monitor aswell, it takes some time but it will usually work out pretty well :)



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Wat 46"? Way too big to play FPS imo, your peripheral vision gets probably completely filled with the crosshair :P


I assume that thing has a resolution of 1920x1080 @ 120hz? so settings would be:


r_mode -1

r_customWidth 1920

r_customHeight 1080

r_displayRefresh 120


If it still feels awkward it's because of your fov setting, here's a fov calculator where you can calculate a new fov setting which should look and feel like your old fov then: http://www.wsgf.org/fovcalc.php

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