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delete my account

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Since I don't care, and I was too lazy to figure it out on my own. I want my account deleted and I think I know how. Allow me. [insert ramblings of an idiot, homophobic, and racist bigot]

Thank you that is all,

no hurt feelings and I won't even log in again so feel free to ban me.


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with this post, you can feel free to f*** off and not play on our servers either :)


Consider yourself banned on all fronts


good riddance.





PS: my favorite part of the post:


no hurt feelings and I won't even log in again so feel free to ban me.


If you weren't butt hurt about something, you wouldn't come here acting like a retard. Also, you say you won't even bother to log in again, but there you are at the bottom of the page, viewing this topic logged in as invisible thinking no one will see you checking for all the attention you're getting. I lol'd.

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