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Everytime I change my ET config or FA config and save it (if needed I do a vid_restart) when I log out it pretty much sets everything back to default. Any ideas?

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Unknown at this point
you are changing your autoexe.cfg or you are making changes in game?

ever since some version of etpub i have to do /exec autoexec.cfg every time i restart the game and join a server, or if i go to a server running a diff. mod or version of a mod ( it doesn't automatically execute my cfg ). do you get your settings if you open the console and do "/exec autoexec.cfg"?

you shouldn't need to restart game or log off for a vid_restart, nor should you have to log off to save your cfg.
you can:

play in windowed mode ( do /r_fullscreen 0; vid_restart )
edit your cfg in a text editor
save cfg
open console
type "/exec autoexec.cfg"

and whatever changes you made should show up right away, as ET reads the newly saved version of your config.
man, closing and restarting game to debug scripts is a PITA. you should only do that if your buggy scripts are crashing the game.

not sure if i understood you correctly but hope that helps??



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Etconfig.cfg stores your current selected settings, while autoexec.cfg stores settings you wish to set every time you launch the game, so to keep the settings changed you should edit autoexec.cfg, not etconfig.cfg

Also as Connection said if for some reason autoexec.cfg doesn't execute on game start type /exec autoexec.cfg

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