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High School life vs College/University life

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Poll: Is high school the best years of your life or college/university? (14 member(s) have cast votes)

Is high school the best years of your life or college/university

  1. High School (3 votes [21.43%])

    Percentage of vote: 21.43%

  2. College/University (11 votes [78.57%])

    Percentage of vote: 78.57%

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I'm worrying way too much right now about grades and stuff that I can't even hang out with friends. Really hard to think that high school life is suppose to be the best years of my life.

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"High school are the best years of your life" says the high school quote-unquote jock who now works at Taco Bell.



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I loved High School also, but college is a more fun. You get to make all your own decisions, go out with friends, etc. The only part I don't like are the classes. The good side though is you get to choose what you study, so you have more of a choice of what you are learning. In high school it is more set in place, you have to get certain credits and you can't rlly choose till your later years.

Anyways college > high school, but I still loved high school too. I wouldn't say that college is the best time of your life though, that would suck, because that would mean after college life would suck.

Life is what you make of it, so if you aren't making it fun for yourself, it won't be fun.



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High school since I had a lot of "first times" mwahaha. College is fun though I'm kinda childish and you always have to be responsible when you're in college. And almost all of the guys I know in college are like "sex,games,sex,games". Thats all, thanks.



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High school (12-18y for me) was only fun when I was 14~16, only two years. Good social life, good grades, but dropped after my 16th birthdah. My social life became a lot better again at the University. In terms of education at the university/college, you at least start doing what you like. For me my second try at college (university of applied science, easier than a university, pretty much similar to every state university in the US) was too easy but good for my social life. The university itself is more fun, but the social life influences the grades (a lot). Nowadays I'm back at the university (university (18-19) -> university of app.sc. (19-23) -> university (23-today, appr. 2 months to go)), quite hard, quite complicated, but a lot of fun and my social life is good as well. So for me, university >> high school.



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only a freshman in college right now but my highschool years were dumb
except IT class
IT class was amazing

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High school sucked terribly. I can count my friends on one hand with spare fingers lol. I was so far out of the social life I never even heard of a single party all 4 years...not even after the fact. No girlfriends, no nothing.

University is totally different. I get along with everyone, still no firends, this time by choice. No bullies, no peer pressure, none of that huh school drama shit. People are around 20 times more mature (at least the ones I hang out with).

"High school are the best years of your life" says the high school quote-unquote jock who now works at Taco Bell.

I know this kid lol His name is Mark and he used to bore the shit outta us at Wendy's...never shut up about how he was such a big man on campus in high school (he was/is a drug dealer). The man's my age and he still does it, so I've been told.

Although he was at least an hourly manager at Wendy's like I was.

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