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New Vsay For NQ server

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    Open Wide ! What? PINKIE NOOOOO !!!!!

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I just make a few new vsays for nq server and i want ur opinion
Its just a few (well 34 sort vsays) but there gona be more cuz im bored and i have all night 4 that :P

U can download this from here My link

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hehe lovely Baska ^^

ok ok I pormiss you I'm gonna start the sound pack this week end :lol: 60% of current sound pack I'm keeping it but remove some useless one and add some really funny i collected or i converted from movies and song

so soon it will be ready ;)

for joe i'll add http://www.entertone...I-got-poo-on-me
and this http://www.entertone...e-Joe-Meteorite

for Mexickano ^^ http://www.entertone...he-fucking-door

and more



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