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Un-able to play ET.

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Unknown at this point
Well, I've been playing ET for some time but all of a sudden the past couple of days when I try to connect to any server all it does is 'awaiting connection' or 'awaiting challenge', see before I just un-installed ET then re-installed it and it would work until I closed the game and then I would have to repeat the process but now that does'nt work and I don't know anything else to try, A response to this would be appreciated.

Thanks, Juke.

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I thought i saw you just now on servers ? Or am i just late ? Anyhow most of the time when it says waiting for connection or whatever it means the server is full and basically waiting for somone to disconnect from what i understand .



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In order to help, more information would help determine your problem.

You say "all of a sudden" But in reality, what did you do before it stopped working?

Windows update?
Software installation?
Antivirus installation?
Router/network updates?

Anything else?

In most cases PC programs never stop working for no reason at all. Something that we do causes them to stop working..



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Try Windows System Restore: Start\ All Programs\ Accessories\ System Tools: System Restore.

What You do Is Choose a date on calender in the past and If Windows made a restore point then system can be returned to how It was.

Good Luck!

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