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Diablo 3

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yep, got it on preorder. looks awesome, cant wait to play it. I missed the open beta, because Im a really awesome person.

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Screenies of my Monk and Demon hunter :D Might try to make a video of hardcore mode ^_^

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We should definetly have a FA clan in Diablo3, we should put FA in front of our character name , just like Umbrella (biggest D2 clan), i used to be in Umbrella and seriously, a calendar for Hellrun, Runerun, Mfrun, Uber run weekly for clan member only and prizes for winner is awesome (i actually got a prize because i leveled up my character to 85 without putting any skills and stats) and prizes were runewords items, runes, unid anni, unid torch stuff like that. Just saying a FA clan with promotion and weekly runs/powerlevel or simply group up and explore/loot because you know, everyone in the game have his own loot, no more ``the fastest clicker got the loot``. I would be happy to organize such a group in D3 for FA community :).



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I pre-ordered D3 collectors edition but never got a beta key, played all this past weekend during open beta and got every achievement except the one you can't get in the beta (resurrection of each char). It was a blast, in 3 weeks I will be living in D3!

FA D3 parties would be awesome, I'm definately there for that!

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