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Gas Protest

- - - - - gas protest

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You think you've got it bad? In the UK we pay £1.40 ($2.22) per litre. That's £6.36 ($10.09) per gallon.

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US government announce Wednesday that crude oil supplies grew by 2.1 percent last week, and gasoline supplies dropped by 1.6 percent to 223.4 million barrels that is nearly 3 percent above the level a year ago, demand for gas has dropped by 6.1 percent from last year. What we pay at the pumps is determined by the price of wholesale gasoline determined in New York, in the last 2 days price of oil dropped 2 dollars and yet prices at the pumps are going up. We are getting gouged by the oil companies. Funny how todays markets work solely on hearsay and speculation and no one gives a shit. Only way to pressure the companies to bring the prices down is to keep harassing your local members of congress/senate/parlament because lets face it Obama and Harper don't any real powers, country is run by a bunch of money grabbing lobbyists which work for these companies and until people revolt nothing will be done, also before developing local resource US would need to work on its regulations and monitoring first because lets face it, for a bunch of dollars they are willing to look away at even biggest transgressions, having grown up in communism I am shocked at how "loose" regulations are in the west and how they can be interpreted in such a way that make them pretty useless, some of them don't even make sense, unlike to what I was used to back in those days where everything was regulated and set by state and if you fucked with it you would be spending a long time in prison no matter who you were.



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You think you've got it bad? In the UK we pay £1.40 ($2.22) per litre. That's £6.36 ($10.09) per gallon.

It'd cost only $250 to fill up my Tahoe... Ouch.

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