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umm lol wats a config?

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ok lol some1 explain 2 me wat a config is plz baby werdz lol tell me how 2 set up and send me a good 1 :D ;)

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the config in game contain most variables that are automatically saved to the default configuration file 'config.cfg' ... you can have default settings for different people, using different configuration files. the configuration file supports any command and is executed like a script

we have another file known as, the autoexec.cfg file and it's a text 'script' this one can be created by you and can be used to load your own config, from the name you can guess what it will do AUTO = automatically - EXEC = execute - CFG = Config : that mean commands, scripts or what ever you want to customize is automatically executed at the game startup, if it is found... of course

Q: How you can have one?
A: check over here viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2483

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