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Zombies highest round?

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Unknown at this point
Hey everyone,
Whats your highest round on zombies solo?
Copy and past this.

How you died: (Corner trapped, gave up, etc.)
Stratergy: (If you want)

I am on 31 now and im taking a break. Ive got thunder gun, i can packa punch whenever Im out of ammo, no downs yet so i can still buy revive 2 more times, so im hoping for 50+ :)
Perks im using are:
Jug, Revive and speed cola, I dont need double tap cause I only use thunder gun.

My stratergy:
I use rape train( If you dont know what that is check out pro syndicate on youtube) and I use the traps sometimes when i got them bunched up

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shouldnt you put gamename in there? or put this topic in some game section, cause thats after all what you're talking about.

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