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Anyone Play These?

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Marswar, a free to play 3D MMO First Player Shooting Online Game, scheduled to launch on 10th Jan 2011 PST, which affiliated MMOLover, will offer the following valuable features: Compare with some other FPS Game, in mars war, the weapon will be not limited into guns; you can choose tanks and spaceships as your main weapon. And in Mars War, you will be in a Grand Battle Field, which contains at least 1000 real players in two different camps. Main Game Features: 1. Multiplayer in grand battle field with Military Units, Teams and Divisions 2. Realistic Battlefield Environments. 3. Various types of Robots, Equipments and Vehicles.



Alien Arena is a multiplayer online deathmatch game that features incredibly smooth and fast game play with next-generation engine features such as ragdoll physics, real-time per-pixel and per-vertex lighting and shadows, skeletal models, lensflares, light bloom, weather, and GLSL shader effects on all surfaces. The game includes over 60 levels, nine weapons (with alt-fire modes), six player characters, mutaters, six game play modes, and an in-game server browser and IRC client. With modes like Team Core Assault, Cattle Prod, Duel, Deathball, Capture the Flag, and All Out Assault, Alien Arena has an endless replayability factor.

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Never heard of either of these here games D:



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No, I have not heard of those, but I've been playing Global Agenda with my roommate Steve. It's a MMO FPS game. I really only play PVP, pretty good. You can play for free, but if you buy it you get random weapon rolls at the end of pvp victories. There are also several pvp modes which is always good.




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Never heard of them.

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