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12 Year Dutch schoolgirl gives birth during Field Trip

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Mom's ex used to hit my mom so yeah i dont trust any man

loads of men kill others, loads of men rape others, loads of men are in prison, loads of men want to fight 24/7 n be agresive n act all tough but they so damn dumb
you cant even trust a police cop
some girl in my city got killed by her neighbour that was a cop
i know theres also bad women, but theres loads more bad men lol

Thats just like saying every man wants to do those things, its the minority who do, not the majority

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i know theres also bad women, but theres loads more bad men lol

ever been in a prison for women? :P
id rather share my cell with a man if you ask me :P

but this news is sad, no doubt about it, but it happens all over the world in every country. :(



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That guy should be like....let loose in the bronx, and forced to walk all the way to harlem, with a shirt that says 'pedophile'. See how long he lasts out there.

That seems appropriate.




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Today the father of the girl confessed to the police he did it.



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Pictures or it didn't happen.

do you really want to see pictures of that!? you're sick..

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