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Fattest country on the world

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Unknown at this point
Very interesting conversation going on. :)

Note for the young - When you hit menopause/Andropause (depending your sex) Your metabolism for MOST people, not ALL - will slow extremely down.

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I just eat shitfood every weekend when we made xbox parties before we reduce the calories with an orgie. But i'd rather fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables.



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lol. Man, some of the replies on here have me ROFLing. I need to hit up one of Papitos xbox parties.

@Timber: If i ate fish for 35 years, dirt would start to look tasty.

Now if I could just get In-N-Out to franchise and open down there.....OH YEAH! Hmm...I just made myself hungry.



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A step in the right direction
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i just saw video again and forgot about the trip around the country is 17 minutes... and the food they sell is in a hut wtf



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extreme asian metabolism for the win :D



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Islanders get fat more easily than the rest of the world because they are descended from the people who survived 1000+ mile voyages on a flimsy canoe.

Only the fattest women were sent because they could store enough food to survive the trip. By the time they got to the next island (if they found one) they would be skinny. So you could not send skinny people.

So the current population has been artificially selected (by design) to survive starvation by storing fat.

If you've ever been to Hawaii you will see the natives are all fat from American food. They no longer eat native food any more.

And yes, when you guys get older, your metabolism will slow down. You won't be able to exercise as much because you won't have the energy, and your body will hurt more easily and take longer to recover. And you won't have the time with work/school/kids.

You will need to cut down on your calories and make a deliberate effort to exercise consistently. Avoid fatty foods, trans fats (hydrogenated oil), alcohol, salt and sugar.

I neglected my body until my late 30s, and you probably will too, but it's never too early to start living healthy. I am much healthier now than I was five years ago.



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america is a very big country..therefore has a lot of influence..good and bad.comporate is selfserving and as far as food..americans being harmed as well by the shiz thats served up.a furkin mcdouble is a dollar..feast on it..eat the coporate dog food thats spood feed...like the wife who spoon feeds her husband poison soup and caringly wipes his chin to make sure it all goes in...those poor fatties in other countries haven't been able to cope with it yet as we have...we have been at it longer and have made some better choices...sometimes

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