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How did you hear about ET and when?

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I bought our pc Christmas 02, got online shortly after, dial-up :D , sometime soon after my boy was playin rtcw single player version n I started playin it til I beat all levels (took a while :embrass ), then soon he was playin multi player rtcw and ET and I liked ET better and thus began my addiction

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well i saw my dad playing it and wanted to play now... i pwn!idk when about 2 years ago



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here is the time i started

Rückblick auf Wolfenstein 3-Dthumbnail
Damals, im Jahr 1992, stampfte ich als kühner und außerordentlich gutaussehender Held, der des öfteren Mal eine Augenbraue für mich heben und mir einen irren Grinser zuwerfen sollte, wenn er ein neues Spielzeug fand, durch Castle Wolfenstein. Sein Name war William „BJ“ Blazkowicz.

Sich selbst nicht zu schade auch mal Hundefutter zu essen, schaffte es BJ mit einer Mischung aus Tapferkeit und tödlicher Effizienz seine Gegner zu vernichten. Und egal ob er sich nun Nazi-Soldaten („Mein Leben!“), Hunden oder sogar untoten Mutanten stellen musste, BJ blieb immer cool!

thumbnailDiese, nicht immer so ganz erst gemeinte Spiel-Erfahrung legte den Grundstein für der Ego-Shooter-Genre wie wir es heute kennen, was ich erst neulich mit John Carmack besprechen konnte und ihn dabei fragte, was es in seinen Augen ausmachte, dass Wolfenstein 3-D etwas ganz besonderes war. „Die herausragenden Dinge an dem Spiel waren stets bestimmte „ingame-Momente“: Das hin und her Zucken eines SS-Offiziers der versucht euch zu erwischen während ihr im mit dem MG anständig einschenkt, der überraschte Blick auf dem Gesicht eines Gegners während ihr ihn auf kurze Entfernung niedermäht während er noch versucht seine Waffe aus dem Holster zu ziehen, der kurze Herzstillstand....

google translation

Review of Wolfenstein 3-Dthumbnail
Then, in 1992, I stamped as daring and extraordinarily handsome hero, who often time an eyebrow to me and give me a lift Grinser zuwerfen should err, if he found a new toy to Castle Wolfenstein. His name was William "BJ" Blazkowicz.

Itself is not too bad even dog food to eat, BJ made it with a mixture of bravery and deadly effectiveness to destroy his opponents. And whether he now Nazi soldiers ( "My Life"), or even dogs had to undead mutants, BJ has always been cool!

thumbnailDiese not always quite meaning only game experience laid the groundwork for the first-person shooter genre as we know it today, which I only recently with John Carmack could discuss and asked him what it represented in his eyes that Wolfenstein 3-D was something special. "The outstanding things in the game were always certain" ingame-moments ": The back and forth twitching an SS officer who tries to catch you while you in with the MG einschenkt decency, the surprised look on the face of an opponent during her him at short distance niedermäht while he was still trying his weapon from the holster to draw the short cardiac arrest ....

played this for a few weeks after that a shithole of years i dont play Et
just started back a few month ago

if you want to give it a shot how we old man played years ago check it out

:lol: look at the cool craphics (remember at this PC stoneage a graphic card with 1 MB ( yes right 1 MB) was luxury :thanks



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i was dealing ps2 games back in teh days and then i got my dsl 11 i think and first thing i did , was to go to downloads.com and load et *my nerd buds told me about it* , load it , install it and now im just one random addict of this game :)



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Started playing when it first came out, played in Competition back when TWL used to have it in their league. I played Season 5/6/7 with RC and stopped playing after that. 4 Years later im back and playing for fun :D

I do know quite alot about scriming, Just not for me right now. :geek:



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i found it on cnet

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