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Missle launch off California Coast

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I've seen contrails from planes that look like they are coming towards you when in fact they're going away, and it's usually around sunset. I wouldn't doubt it would be a plane since no alerts were raised and radar didn't pick up anything unusual.

However the helo pilot wasn't totally out of line thinking it was a missile. From the ones I've seen launched for w/e various tests...if they are launched in the morning or at sunset you get a similar trail pattern. I think from the ones I've seen though the trajectory is generally more vertical. Perhaps mainly b/c they were test missiles that were ditched off the coast. Still it's funny to watch ppl shit bricks and assume the worst.

So quickly are we distracted. Silence has found the issue and us Americans are back wondering which celeb is cheating with who and what is on the next American Idol. All it takes is someone saying it must have been an optical illusion. Perhaps I should start taking advantage of this mass gullibility.

Isn't that how Scientology started?

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Looks like someone fired off one of those NQ panzer rounds. Incoming!



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Isn't that how Scientology started?

Looks like someone fired off one of those NQ panzer rounds. Incoming!

I lol'd at both of those.

Anyways, on a more serious note, I'm reserved about thinking it's a missile. Sure the U.S. government lies, but that doesn't mean everything it does is shady, or everything it's representatives say are lies. The main reason I think it isn't a missile is because, as far as I can tell, they had no reason to fire one off in broad daylight where hundreds of thousands of people could see it, just to turn around and deny it. If it were an accidental launch then they would just point the finger at somebody and then move on. The fact that they say they don't know anything about it, coupled with the fact that thousands of people saw it.. just makes it seem likely that it was an illusion. You can trust our government to lie to you, but you can also trust that they have a reason for doing so, whatever it may be. I just don't see any possible reason why they would shoot a missile off and then lie about it though. They could have so very easily shot it off somewhere out of sight.

The only reason I can think of to piece this missile theory together, is that they did it to scare the populace, the common conspiracy theorist's argument. But even that only goes so far. After all, the government denied it was a missile altogether, hereby draining most of the fear it would have caused. For all intents and purposes, the only fear it would cause after that point is for conspiracy theorists and their followers, and I doubt the government would want to feed those flames. This isn't the Bush administration. >.>

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